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A look at Trade Rumors.

Trade Rumors is the go-to outlet for breaking news in sports, used not only by passionate fans but also by the players, agents, and team managers themselves. Tim Dierkes, Trade Rumors CEO, approached us to replace their aging iOS app suite with a new unified mobile experience.

Image of trade Rumors running on an iPad and iPhone, sitting atop a wooden table, flanked by a baseball and baseball glove.

Not only did he need someone he could trust to ship a well designed and rock-solid iOS app, he also needed a partner who could shepherd and shape the product to maximize the investment being made. We guided him by balancing powerful user-requested features with the continuing needs of the business.

“You’re always the voice of reason. I’ve come to rely on you to help me filter user feedback, and keep me informed of new opportunities to improve my product. It’s clear you’re personally invested in making my app great.”

—Tim Dierkes, CEO, Trade Rumors

Following a measured approach of focused releases, we continued iterating past version 1.0, incorporating new platform opportunities along the way. We measured key metrics with every release to make sure what we shipped stayed on course with the goals of Tim’s business. The result was an app that performed well beyond Tim’s expectations, especially with user feedback.

Image of Trade Rumors on an iPad opened to the App Store page, showing ranking of 5 stars. Flanked by two iPhones running the Trade Rumors app.

“My old apps struggled to keep a 3.5-star average, but this new one blows me away by maintaining a 5-star average over the last two years.”

As a free app relying on ad revenue, user engagement and retention are key to Trade Rumors’ bottom line. By combining thoughtful user-centered design, internal and industry best-practices, and tweaking based on in-app analytics, we were able to not only keep users in the app but also keep them coming back. Trade Rumors’ user retention is almost double the industry average of similar apps.

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