Beyond the App

A look at Slopes.

When you’re in a competitive market like the App Store, just building one of the best apps in a niche isn’t enough. In fact that’s just the start. You have to work just as hard to reach your audience and make sure your marketing is compelling when they find you, both inside and outside the App Store.

Image of Slopes running on two iPhones and an Apple Watch. Flanked by an iPad with the Slopes web site and some ski gloves.

Slopes is one of our products, a GPS tracker for skiers and snowboarders (think Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, et al). Beyond the traditional App Store Optimization research and techniques, we knew that the a large part of the target market for Slopes is GoPro enthusiasts who love videos, so a custom App Store Preview Video was needed.

We couldn’t just rely on the App Store for discoverability; we needed a strong product website to reach customers. By focusing on crafting a strong sales message, not just listing features, the Slopes site has became one of our strongest external sales channels. Through constant iteration the site is now responsible for over 15% of new users, and customers starting there have the highest conversion rate to paid users.

Image of a laptop with the Slopes web site open.

With years of experience helping clients in the App Store, we knew how to take advantage of Apple’s own press cycles to get in front of new customers, too. When Apple Watch was announced we jumped on the opportunity and ended up featured in almost every major Watch app roundup at launch, increasing off-season sales by 300%.

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