Breakpoint Studio

A Small Studio With Big Results.

Who We Are

Breakpoint Studio is a unique team based on the East Coast of the United States with the diverse skills needed to make great products in today’s market. Our founders have been on mobile since the first iPhone SDK shipped, and on the web for the decade before that.


Product Strategy

We focus on deeply understanding both the people using a product and the market in which it exists. We use analytics to keep products on track, always challenging assumptions.


UX & Visual Design

Our designs are more than just pretty pixels. We design around who, where, and how products are used to make sure they always delight users. We utilize research and analytics to test assumptions and maximize the impact of new features.


Mobile & Web Development

From the wrist to the TV, from mobile to the cloud, we build end-to-end solutions for our clients. Utilizing up-to-date industry best practices and standards,we build applications that are fast and efficient.


Discoverability & ASO

Far too many great products never reach their target audience. We can help get your products in front of potential customers by optimizing your discoverability on the App Store and the web.

consulting and training

Consulting & Training

Need a technical analysis on your existing codebase to identify risks? Want help training your team on the latest iOS APIs or design trends? We’re happy to lend our expertise.

Our Leadership

Great teams are forged from a balance of complementary skills and interests. While both Joe and Curtis like to think of themselves as generalists, they both definitely have their distinct preferences.

Joe vs. Curtis Preferences

Joe Cieplinski

Joe started his career as a high school English teacher, quickly moving to graphic and web design in the early 2000s. Passionate about mobile software since the early days of the Newton and Palm Pilot, he quickly jumped on the opportunity to work on mobile apps for the iPhone and then iPad when the App Store was unveiled. He has worked independently and for small companies for many years, offering both client consulting services as well as in-house product design, prior to joining with Curtis for the creation of Breakpoint Studio.

Curtis Herbert

Curtis has been involved with the internet since the early days, developing web apps at startups during the 90s. Moving onto an opportunity at a Fortune 50 company, he lead teams on complex big-system projects he’s not allowed to talk about much. After six years he left that world of secrecy to start his own consulting company. With a focus on web and mobile, he helped dozens of entrepreneurs and companies launch great products over five years, before founding Breakpoint Studio with Joe.